Yorkshire moors

Because I am a lucky bastard, I got the opportunity to spend an entire day in North Yorkhsire, in one of the most beautiful and organized farms I’ve ever seen.

The weather was gorgeous and living in London, that’s not a small thing. Malton is a small city, with small old houses, with ivy creeping up the walls from the corners and small groomed gardens, that almost make you want to start gardening.



Levisham, on the other side, is the place you want to be: a quiet village, with waterfalls in the backyard and the moors straight out of a Brontës book. (Don’t be picky, any of the sisters would do it.) The silence blocks all the noise from your city-soul, you even forget you had to be on the tube with a few hundreds people just a few hours before.


The company’s trip became a personal treat: sun, amazing good food and my first sausage roll. Yes, my first one. Ain’t my fault they all look like last month’s edition of Metro found in a corner of a station, so I never had the courage to actually try it.


Ginger Pig. You know them, you must. Good meat, a few shops around London and one of the best suppliers you can work with. The passion and knowledge they put in their work is incredible. No copy- paste farmers. Before that piece of meat is served to you, the animals are sometimes individual fed, they run free and play like kids on the field, under the scrutinizing eyes of the sow and taken care of until the right time comes.

I grew up in the countryside, so I don’t have strong ethics against eating the animal you’re playing with. (No, I don’t mean your cat.) It’s the natural cycle of life. But when the request became too much of a struggle, some people decided to take shortcuts. This is how you end up surprised when your chicken tastes like chicken.


It takes hard work, great knowledge and integrity to have a proper farm nowadays. And Ginger Pig has it. I haven’t eaten such a good red onion chutney in my life. Find their shops, buy their products. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to help the world. What would the cows eat then?


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