Confessions from not so a glamorous life in London (part IV) – Tubes and people

London has one of the best public transport from Europe. You can get from N to S in 30 minutes, which is incredible, considering the distance. It’s not as cheap as in other countries, but there is value for what you pay: buses, tubes, overground.

But then you have the people. The ones that push everyone to get in, though the next tube comes in 1 minute. 1. Not 20. You blocking the door creates delays longer than that. I know, sometimes that minute makes a difference, when your boss is waiting for you, with eyes on the watch. But learn to deal with that, leave your house earlier and everyone will be happy.

It happened to me too: we were 5, but only 2 made it in the tube. It’s ok, you’ll see them at your destination. No need for someone to hold the doors, while I struggle to fit through the crack.

Even if I am not in a rush, if there’s a tube in the station, I kind of like to get in. Which I could, but there’s someone in front of me, who takes his time and walks like a delicate flower, so even if I run, there’s no way I can get in. The guy chose the middle way, so he has all the space just for him. And the tube leaves almost empty.


And always, but always, as a common sense rule, let the people get out of the tube before you start shoving yourself in.

If is short distance, I walk. If it’s really long, is the tube. In between, I get the bus. It gets you from point A to point B. Sometimes, you get lost or you are drunk and you don’t know where you are or where you should be. But public transport is a fee-based system, so stop yelling at the driver because you don’t have the ticket or the money. Yes, he is going in the same direction anyway. But how would you feel if your boss wouldn’t pay you for your social media position, because you would have spent your time on FB anyway?

You’re holding everyone back and tired, hungry people, can get pretty violent after a 16-hours shift. Sometimes, you’re the one getting angrily violent, in such a simple system: you pay for what you get.

Leave your judgements at home. No one wants to learn that you can’t handle multi-culturalism and someone’s way of dressing or the language they are speaking bothers you so much, that you make invalid reasonings and make them loud.

I would appreciate you not eating your smelly fried chicken with mayo near me, when I haven’t eaten anything in over 8 hours, I am tired and there’s no air. But I won’t go there, after one year, I got used to it. Not with the chicken wings leftovers you spread all over the bus, because somehow, it seemed more difficult to take the box with you, now that is almost empty, than when you got on the bus in the first place.

I live in an area that gets literally blocked when there’s a football game, so you have to walk to the closest tube station, because the buses are not working and the overground is used by people that think the aisle is there for the beauty purpose.So you get 15 people stuck in front of the doors, 2 people who remained on the platform, though all the aisles were free. I know that because I ran along the train, hopping that I could squeeze in.

But no. You’re in, you can stop carrying about everyone else. It’s called public transport for a reason. IT’S NOT PRIVATE.

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  1. …and just because it is a public transport, you shouldn’t judge them. The tube is the same everywhere.

    Writing on a blog about your frustration won’t solve the problem… if you can name it a problem.You just need to get used to it, this is called acceptance, social integration
    or…to make it easier for you (and your frustration about everything that is happening in London), you can simply ignore it. This should keep you pretty calm.

    Stress is caused by giving a fuck, as you do right now.
    The more I read your posts it becomes clearer to me how easily it is for you to judge people. I think you aren’t very happy with your life here. Get a better job, buy a car, move closer to your job.

    Before you start criticising, you should analyse your own behavior. These people carry themselves as they want and how they like. This means to be free, they don’t give a fuck about what other people thinks about them. And this kind of persons are the happiest, that embrace their natural selves.Of course, you can talk about their education or rudeness level, but that is a different story.

    I think your last line contradicts everything you said in your post, even if you ment your text to seem ironic. Maybe I’m wrong, but I really feel like my idea is more right-minded than yours.

    • Hello Neil, we appreciate the time you spent on our blog and the time you took to write this amazingly long comment to express your own frustration towards us. You should of just ignore it if it bothered you that much, taking your own advice. Yes we might need a better job and a car. Point taken. Yes we do have frustrations. Oh well, we’re just people at the end of the day. And apparently we also have a very weird sense of humor that most people don’t get or find offensive. But this is a personal blog with personal opinions. We’re not changing the world or London, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop writing. Thank you for you thoughts.

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