Modern Fairy Tale


Even as a kid I was always drawn to everything old and vintage, from buildings to clothes, I felt inspired mostly by the possibility of imagining the stories that lay behind something antique, preowned by someone else.

Yes I would definitely pick a vintage dress, for example, over a modern, new one. It’s weird maybe, but I love to imagine what type of woman would have owned it. What kind of style she would have, what kind of perfume would she wear, all these kind of details that somehow can develop into a story in my head with the dress and it’s owner as the main characters.

This applies not only to vintage clothes but to different kind of objects as well. I own a 1920’s German sewing machine, not for its practical use, that’s for sure. I bought it ‘cause it was basically love at first sight. I was visiting a local market on a very gloomy, rainy day with a friend of mine and there it was, standing in the rain next to it’s wooden case, surrounded by all sorts of other pieces of furniture. I knew I had to have it. I didn’t have any money, but my friend lent me the amount I needed and even carried it for me home( that thing is too god damn heavy for it’s small size). Good thing I have friends who are not weirded out by my tastes.

I just used it once for actual sewing, I can’t seem to find time for anything these days, but sometimes, when I’m in the living room I just like to stare at it and visualize where it has been all these years.

This time though, my imagination was triggered not by clothes or objects but by a place. A place in the heart of London, that is by far one of the most amazing ones I discovered in this city so far. It’s called Hampstead Heath and it’s beyond amazing.

And because of the way this place looks, I imagined a sort of fairy tale and like any kind of fairy tale, the main character is a princess. But not an ordinary princess, an urban one, lost between two worlds, lost between old and and new, a rebel at the same time. One that doesn’t actually need a prince and is not afraid to walk alone. And S. played her part perfectly. She gave me a modern Merida with a fancy dress, biker jacket and Nike shoes.

20151111-DSC_0361 20151111-DSC_032420151111-DSC_030820151111-DSC_035920151111-DSC_023420151111-DSC_032220151111-DSC_0354

All you need is love and a cat!



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