collageDay off. Day out. Though I (we) tend to do almost nothing notable on our days off, from time to time we actually wake up early enough to see the sunrise and leave the city. The big city, with noisy cars and people who lack individuality. Just a mass of strangers on the tube.
This time it was Bampton, a small village 30 min away from Oxford. Tube at 5 in the morning, train at 6, by 8 we were rewarded with the fresher air from Oxford. Quick change of stations and we are on our way to Bampton.20150917-DSC_189320150917-DSC_190420150917-DSC_1908

The sightseeing is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in UK. Yes, it does beat Big Ben (ain’t so big after all). Farms, crops and hedges near small rocky houses. It was like walking down the memory lane. The road to grandma’s house was as beautiful.
We made it to the village with one bus stop and after a few hours, we started walking around the empty streets. It felt like a Sunday afternoon, when everyone is having a siesta after lunch. It was Thursday.

DSC_1821 20150917-DSC_1870 20150917-DSC_181820150917-DSC_1813We found a farm which looked like the domain of an old castle. It might have been the sun, but everything was gloriously green, pheasants and gooses wandering around and the remains of what it used to be a river. It looked like the ordinary summer holiday your parents made you spent in the countryside. It might not sound like a lot, but after more than 6 years in the „big cities”, this was like a deep and well deserved gasp for air.

It’s like the time stopped there, while the little girls had their ballet lessons. Trees were caring their fruits with pride and not a single soul to ripe them.

20150917-DSC_1809 20150917-DSC_1880 20150917-DSC_1889 20150917-DSC_1921 20150917-DSC_1924 DSC_1830 DSC_1833DSC_1835 DSC_1905 DSC_1923Romanian soup in British village, photos at every corner and a bus that was leaving for Oxford too soon.

My second visit in Oxford and her first was like a lovely walk near the lake: quiet, but rewarding. BTW, Starbucks, your pumpkin latte tastes like soap. Of course we drank a cider at the Turf Tavern, the most famous place for intoxicating yourself with liquors in Oxford. We planned some Chinese food. But it remained just a plan. As usual :)))20150917-DSC_0006 DSC_0002 20150917-DSC_1939
20150917-DSC_000320150917-DSC_0016 20150917-DSC_0018 20150917-DSC_1998 20150917-DSC_2004 DSC_2036 20150917-DSC_1958
20150917-DSC_19622 hours and a bad book about Banksy (written by himself, apparently), we are at home, in bed, sleeping like babies for a first in a long time.

All you need is love and a cat!


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