Facebook series: unfriending status

I got „unfriend” on Facebook just a few times (that I am aware of), maybe that’s why they stuck in my mind. I was always curious what makes some people follow or unfollow people on Facebook, when the simple system of ignoring what you don’t like would work just fine.find-out-when-one-your-so-called-friends-unfriends-you-facebook.w654

Then I started thinking about what triggers my attention, which are my reasons behind accepting a request or ignoring it.

At the beginning, I was adding classmates, that was the routine. Then friends. Only after I discovered the fascination of following people I admired and how much more easier was now to get in touch with them. For me, it was just a cheaper way to keep in touch with my people.

Later one, when I started working for an online magazine, I learnt about the power of social media: music, movies, art, everything was one click away. I don’t know most of the people from „Friends” section. Not even the ones I chat with. Their just people from another laptop. So if I don’t want, I don’t reply, I ignore.

The first unfriend was from a friend’s ex boyfriend. It happened fast and no one saw it coming. One day, I just wasn’t able to see his posts. So I checked. I wasn’t his friend anymore. Because the girl he „used to know” wasn’t his anymore. I tried to understand his point of view and I couldn’t: where was I in the equation? My status reminded him of what he’s lost. That’s my guess.


Years after, I was unfriended because I had a different opinion. And that was definitely funny. What happened with crashing my arguments and make me publicly admit that I was on the wrong side of the story? That would have been way more satisfying. For me, at least. I know, Facebook profile is a different life, that you can control and manage as you like. But the reasoning is not single in meaning. It’s beyond being selfish, it actually says something about you as a person.

I had my choices as well: stupid people I never changed a word with, but they were filling my news feed with things I would have been embarrassed by if someone was sneaking on me while reading, people I was disappointed by or random names that just popped in my list and I couldn’t remember where from.

I will admit, I unfriended someone because he could not get my point. But before that, I fought. Because I loved his books, the author in him, but I ended up disliking his person. So I said goodbye.

If only everything would be as easy as thinking you can remove a person from your life with a single click.

And then I found this… unfriend-facebook-quotes-sarcastic-scold-photo7

What makes you unfriend on FB?


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