Queen of Hearts

Well the Gods of fashion have spoken and the hottest color for this fall is RED. A bit scary if you ask me, I’m more the type to go for black no matter the season. I don’t even think I own anything red in my closet, well except a tartan shirt, that is not actually mine anyway, I stole it from my boy.

Although I admired all the head to toe red outfits on the runway, I wasn’t sure how a color like that would work if applied in real life, so I convinced S. to give it try.

It’s enough to say that we were both excited about the results and i would probably have a go at it soon.20150828-_DSC1501 20150828-_DSC1493 20150828-_DSC1485 20150828-_DSC1482 20150828-_DSC1474 20150828-_DSC1467 20150828-_DSC1454 20150828-_DSC1452 20150828-_DSC1506

„The color of the season. Whichever shade you choose, don’t be afraid to wear it head to toe. Why? It’ll make you look taller and slimmer-sounds like a winner to us! Marie Claire Magazine, August 2015″20150828-_DSC1452 20150828-_DSC1450 20150828-_DSC1447 20150828-_DSC1451

All you need is love and a cat!


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