Beach wear: Expectations vs. Reality

Well my dear cats, you might already know from experience that expectations don’t meet reality all the time.

Take for example going to the beach, you would expect something like:collage

Right? Why? Well ‘cause we’re talking about THE BEACH, the holy land of shorts, crop tops, swimsuits and eternal sunshine. Plus you’ve already seen all those hot, gorgeous shots of your favorite blogger sipping pina colada under an umbrella wearing a killer one piece black swimsuit. And while I did not expect to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, that ship sailed the minute mother nature gave me short legs and then pizza came along and made a good team with my belly fat, but I was hopping at least to be able to put on a skirt for a change( I don’t usually wear skirts) and soak in some of that vitamin sea.


This is the part where your expectations are ready to hop on the awesome holiday train but then reality tells you that you live in the UK. Yes of course, you can try to ignore the little voice in the back of your head, that’s telling you to pack that extra sweater, but I’m telling you from experience, it’s not the best idea.

I mean, really dear, how wet can it get?

Hmm…well if you don’t feel any difference between standing in the sea or standing on the shore, then you might say pretty wet.

Ahhh but we tried, the whole beach outfit thing I mean. Don’t judge. Nothing could stand in the way of me and my Top Shop skirt, or at least I thought so. The wind broke our bond after a few hours and I was forced to let go. I tried being brave, we both did, but in the end, I’m just that kind of a girl, the one who gives up when her ass starts to freeze because of the beach breeze. Felt more like a hurricane, not that I’m trying to find excuses for myself.

S. fought her own battle trying to cover up her River Island playsuit with a leather jacket. Classy? Yes! I mean, the whole black and white, leather and chiffon thing was gold. Too bad a playsuit is a playsuit and a leather jacket doesn’t cover your legs.20150818-_DSC1437 20150818-_DSC1478 20150818-_DSC1479 20150818-_DSC1483 20150818-_DSC1485 20150818-_DSC1525 20150818-_DSC1537 20150818-_DSC1544 20150818-_DSC1556

Well I would consider what you just saw EXPECTATIONS and now introducing REALITY:20150818-_DSC1649 20150818-_DSC165620150818-_DSC177420150818-_DSC1777

Well at least this proves that it’s perfectly normal to buy sweaters even if it’s summer.

All things considered, we had a lot of fun, Bournemouth is an amazing and vibrant city, plus at the end of the day the people you love can make you feel better than an overpriced Top Shop swimsuit that you didn’t get to wear on the beach ( I wonder if it’s to late for a refund).

Oh look I even got to drink some pina colada, although it wasn’t under an umbrella, it was in a mexican restaurant, after some tequila and I don’t really remember if it was good.20150819-_DSC0210

Now I’m writing to you from London and it’s sunshine, how ironic, but I’m kind of broke so I’m enjoying a lovely afternoon with two of the neighbourhood’s stray cats ( not so stray since they don’t actually leave our backyard anymore).

Lets try something warmer next year, shall we? 

As an ending, I’ll give you something to think about: You’re wearing a one piece swimsuit under a jumpsuit and you need to pee really bad.


All you need is love and a cat!

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