Blue jeans, white (t)shirt

_DSC1286_DSC1087 It seems crazy that this summer is already coming to an end. Unreal maybe more than crazy.

You cats haven’t heard a lot from us lately, mainly because my laptop broke down a few weeks ago and Septimia’s soon followed, but now we are back in the game and we have a lot of things we want to share with you.

However before unravelling our plans, to celebrate the fact that I am able to make a post from something other than the small screen from my phone, I really want to show you guys some pictures I took of S. in what was one of the hottest days we had here this summer.

There wasn’t a lot of thought put into the photoshoot. We were basically at home, no plans, overwhelmed by laziness but at the same time with the desire to go out and have a little harmless fun. Well that fun took the form of cranberry beer drinking, graffitti painting, a bit of unsuccessful skateboarding in a local abandoned skatepark, getting sunburnt and taking pictures of the whole thing.

I guess sometimes you don’t really need fancy things to be able to say ”I had fun” and sometimes just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt can make you look and feel amazing.

All you need is love and a cat!

_DSC1298 _DSC1090_DSC1149_DSC1108 _DSC1123 _DSC1129 _DSC1145 _DSC1147 _DSC1206_DSC1389 _DSC1203 _DSC1193 _DSC1179 _DSC1176 _DSC1174 _DSC1168 _DSC1164 _DSC1151 _DSC1084 _DSC1167


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