Pimp my Vans!

vans (8)

Well you know the saying „some things get better with time”. Of course it applies to wine but it applies just as well to shoes too. Some shoes. Vans and Converse included. The more you wear them, the better they get.

I made it no secret that Vans is one of my all time favorite brands of shoes. Each time I buy a pair, I don’t actually see it as just spending some money on a pair of shoes, I see it more as an investment, mostly because I know they last for the long run.

If you ever owned a pair of classic Vans, you will know what I’m talking about. They go with literally everything. I think you can wear them even with your wedding dress and you’re still going to receive a lot of compliments.

I used to hunt them in vintage markets or second hand stores, because I couldn’t afford the new ones and whenever I would find a pair, I would wear it until it would fall apart and then I would just wear them some more. I loved to see them all trashy and dirty, paired with some ripped jeans and my messy hair. Actually I still wear the pairs I have like that.

The last pair I fell in love with is this green one. I bought them this winter and I wore them like crazy ( One good thing about London is that winter isn’t really winter, so you can wear your Vans all year round). But then last week in a moment of boredom mixed with creativity I did what any good girlfriend would do, I stole my boy’s graffiti sprays and gave my Vans a makeover.vans (1) vans (3) vans (5)


A few tips if you’re planning on doing something like this:

1.Make sure your shoes are clean of dirt or dust

2. Use tape to cover the areas you don’t want to get paint on

3. Start with the lighter color first, I started with a layer of yellow and after that I used purple and I finished the job with a few splashes of yellow ( just to make sure the situation is trashy enough for my taste)

vans (8) backyard (8)

backyard (30)

backyard (24) backyard (10)All you need is love and a cat!



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