Summer Essentials Part 2. : Crop it like it’s hot with Jess


The crop top has been around now for quite some time and it doesn’t seem to have plans of going anywhere soon. We can blame it maybe on Choachella and all the other summer music festivals that helped perpetuate this trend or we can blame it all on Taylor Swift because she’s the queen of crop tops. Well it doesn’t really matter what got them this popular what matters is that crops are great for summer and there are so many ways to style them but in case you live in the U.K. don’t forget about a cover-up, we all know summer is not really summer here.

But, yeah there’s a but coming, however awesome crop tops are, they can be a bit tricky to wear. Because crop tops are designed to show off the tummy area, it’s important to find the right shape, fabric and neck line that will work for your body type and the right bottoms so that you can keep it classy even though you are showing some skin.


I always recommend wearing crops with high wasted bottoms, that way you only expose just a hint of your midriff and you don’t even have to worry about your tummy not being supermodel flat. However if you don’t feel good with exposing some skin, you can opt for a cardigan or a light kimono. That way you are only showing skin from the front and not from all around.


Like with everything else it’s all about balance so don’t make the whole look to busy I’m a strong believer in „Less is more”. Opt for basic bottoms, like a pair of classic black or blue high wasted jeans and then draw the attention to the upper part of your body by wearing a crop top with a bold print (prints are a big yes this season) or with studs or sequins.

Just like me, Jess loves cop tops and next we give your three ways she likes to style them.

_DSC0078-min _DSC0053-min _DSC0055-min _DSC0092-min _DSC0108-min _DSC0076-min _DSC0064-min _DSC0043-min_DSC0589-min_DSC0593-min_DSC0655-min_DSC0677-min_DSC0725-min_DSC0757-minAll you need is love and a cat!


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