On Sundays we wear pink and black

So…I’m on my way to work and to avoid thinking about my responsibilities and the wonders of adult life, I choose to think about ice cream and summer colors. Yes! very mature of me, I know.

_DSC0397 _DSC0387

In case you missed it, last Sunday Magnum „painted” Regent Street in pink and black. We didn’t missed it, you can’t miss on free ice cream, shame on you!

The great thing about the event (yes there were other great things beside the ice cream) was the positive vibes coming from all those happy and colorful people. It felt almost like a miniature music festival in the middle of one busy London, only with more sweets and less beer. But we had the beer afterwards and did a bit of dancing on the street because why not.

P.s. The Pink Raspberry is better and I’m not saying that because it matches my hair._DSC0309 _DSC0506 _DSC0572 _DSC0384 _DSC0356 _DSC0529 _DSC0587 _DSC0321 _DSC0414 _DSC0515 _DSC0428 _DSC0509 _DSC0517 _DSC0489 _DSC0547 _DSC0592

All you need is love and a cat! (speaking of cats, I miss mine too much)


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