Confessions from a not so glamorous life in London

2. Parks

Oh look! It’s April and it’s sunny (well most of the time) so I can’t really complain about the weather anymore and because of that I’m going to try and keep everything on a positive note for a change. Yes I can be positive (ok, at least I can try to be).

So we cleared the fact that London weather is shitty and we are dealing with it. But London is not all that bad. One thing that this city is very good at is…wait for it…parks. Ha maybe you were expecting something more posh, but as a tiny little immigrant living on a minimum wage, parks are a very cheap alternative to gather your thoughts after a long day.

London is also good at pubs (maybe I’ll confess about them some other time) but honestly sometimes I feel the need to see green and trees and ducks than drunk english people and fish and chips, I can see a lot of those two whenever I’m using public transport.

red1_DSC0504Parks here are a big upgrade from the ones we have back home and they make you forget that you are actually living in one of the most populated cities in the world.

Our new love is Waterlow Park complete with Highgate Cemetery. And I know you may think that a cemetery is not something very relaxing but trust me it is. If Karl Marx found eternal peace there, so can we, but just for a few hours lets be clear.

_DSC0500 _DSC0482 _DSC0483_DSC0475 I know the lyric „concrete jungle” was made for New York, but it feels like it applies to London just as well, so spending half a day in Highgate in pure silence and surrounded by green we agreed that you need places that look like an actual jungle to escape all the noise and concrete.

_DSC0503 grey1 red _DSC0490My next personal favorite park is Bruce Castle Park, but that’s mostly because of the free tennis court. Sometimes after being annoyed by costumers all day you feel somehow better after you hit little green balls as hard as you can.

_DSC0506_DSC0502 _DSC0523
We still have a lot of places to cross of our list and we hope that your life is more glamorous than ours.

All you need is love and a cat!(S. & A.)_DSC0548







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