Shades of fall


Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland. Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns.(wiki says so)

So… we are aware of what tartan is, what it looks like and that it comes in so many colors and materials but I don’t know why, in my mind tartan always screams autumn.

Maybe it’s because of the falling leaves, painted in so many different shades, maybe because of all those school uniforms with tartan inspired prints or maybe just because of the chilli weather that keeps me thinking about Scotland, where tartan was born.DSC_1796

Well either way it doesn’t matter the reasons behind my association, all that matters is ,and we can all agree on this, tartan is perfect for fall, plus it’s like the easiest thing to wear when you are running low on inspiration or you just want to get your rock groove on.

I went for the easy one – the classic red tartan shirt, because I needed a laid back, relaxed look for a day in the park and drinks with friends afterwards. It’s so easy to wear and who doesn’t own at least one of these shirts, ok… maybe not on red, but on some other colors, certainly.IMG_20141021_090215You don’t even have to go for a shirt, you can easily rock a skirt, paired with some black ankle leather boots and a cozy sweater.

Or how about some nice punkish trousers with some Doc’s, an oversized sweater and a leather jacket? Go for the girly version and wear a dress, pair it with high heels, a nice tailored coat and a fedora.

When you’ll hit the streets, looks will definitely turn your way.DSC_1843

IMG_20141020_102341And last but not least i just wanted to say how much I love my new shoes, scored them from Primark with only 15£.




Love is still all you need, but don’t forget about the cat!


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