This is a long-overdue project of mine. There are many more of this sort on the web, but this one is going to be special, as it will host photos taken of random people that have caught my eye. On the street. I guess that no longer makes them that random, right? This is intended to be a collection of fashion statements- in Japan, of Japanese people. To tell the truth, I have always had a fascination with fashion expressiveness in this part of the Globe, where eclecticism is at its best. And here, I don’t use „eclectic” in a pejorative way per say, but it is a special kind, that either creeps you out or leaves you in awe and amazement. And I promise I am not using big words here!

Beginning this shy endevour of mine (trying not to scare people off when I address them in my complete „gaijin” demeanor) was and still is a challenge, as I gather the courage to walk up to complete strangers and compliment them on their outfit. It so happens that insofar into this project, I’ve met a very interesting character, a man who cheerfully invited us to have dinner with him, so that he could practice his English and enlighten us with a genuine Japanese meal-experience, although he beforehand said, when asked if he’s in the art industry, that he’s just a vagabond. How much more beautiful can it get? How much more than a splash of so many different nuances gathered in a sound 20-minute conversation?

So as not to drag on the story too much, I hereby lay before your eyes to see fashion street snapshots. Enjoy and try to imagine the story behind each glimpse of a moment.


1. Girl-I-did-not-ask-the-name-of. „Frenchie”

Je suis enchantee

I saw this girl crossing the street and almost stalkerishingly halted her to pose for me. „I take your picture? No, I take your picture. With my phone? No, with my camera”.


2.B-boy holding the wall in Sannomi-ya station, Hankyu Mikage.


Later that night, he posted on his FB timeline: ” Out of  nowhere, a gaijin woman-san came up to me and told me to pose like a magazine model. I was startled. Why would she think that I had what it takes?”-loose translation from Japanese.


3. Le Vagabond qui vagabondait les rues. JR Sumiyoshi


This man literally took off his coat and put it on my shoulders for me to try it on, and to see the intricate work and detail poured into the story of a man’s traditional kimono. And after he convinced me to read my fortune, he lit up a cigarette from the wooden Japanese cigarette case, put it in a cigarette holder and smoked nonchalantly, while complimenting me on the good luck that I had received. „Love life is hopeless”.


Hope you appreciate these beautiful people as much as I do.

Remember: a smile can work wonders… All you need is love…and a reliable camera. Oh, don’t forget about the cat!


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